Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Next PR Train Smash Waiting to Happen-MV Rachel Corrie on the Way

Understand me clearly: I  am not advocating that we allow anybody to break the blockade, but I AM advising that we handle the next episode in this drama with a lot more care and intelligence (intellectual and military). The MV Rachel Corrie has sailed for Gaza - PLEASE, our exalted leaders, PLEASE understand that the very name of this ship is laden with emotion - please (!) do not allow a second debacle to take place. I am not a military tactician, so I cannot advise on how to handle this from an operational point of view. I am just cautioning the powers-that-be to be aware of what is going on here - high voltage emotional overtones riding the wave (literally) of a huge PR success and just waiting for us to step in our own doo-doo once again.

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